BLÜCHER's markets

Clean and hygienic conditions in bathrooms, toilets and basements are important elements which contribute to the home owner’s sense of well-being. BLÜCHER produces efficient and aesthetic solutions which are also easy to clean. The use of stainless steel adds a beautiful, classic look.

Commercial buildings, such as hospitals, schools, restaurants and fitness centers, depend on BLÜCHER’s core competence within development and production of drains, drainage channels and pipes. We provide our customers with the widest range of solutions for drainage needs in commercial buildings.

BLÜCHER specializes in drainage solutions for large industrial facilities. We offer a vast number of drains, drainage channels and pipes as both standard and customized solutions. Our products are designed to safely drain water from production areas, laboratories, kitchens, changing rooms and much more.

The marine industry has a special place in BLÜCHER’s commitment to drainage. Cruise vessels, ferries, yachts, merchant and navy vessels as well as offshore installations all depend on the performance of our solutions at sea, where good hygiene and lightweight systems are essential.


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