Get on Top of Roof Drainage - learn more about the NEW BLÜCHER® Roof Drainage systems

We are proud to present many new Roof drainage systems based on new technologies, new products and new features.

There is a BLÜCHER Roof drainage system for every need!

Prepared for Storm Water?

- Control your future flow with BLÜCHER® Blue Roof

BLÜCHER offers a NEW solution that reduces peak flow, increasing the run-off time in case of storm water. With its water retention system, it holds back water on the roof to prevent or reduce flooding of the sewers in situations with storm water or heavy rain.

BLÜCHER® Drain Roof for blue roof water retention is the ideal solution for areas with requirements for limitation of flow to the public sewer like e.g. in larger cities.

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How is your roof doing today?

-We all know intelligent building solutions.
Now BLÜCHER introduces the Intelligent Roof system!

The BLÜCHER® Intelligent Roof solution notifies you immediately of any problems and helps you prevent serious damage:

• Ongoing control of the water level on the roof

• Alarm in case of rising water level on the roof

• Supervision of the individual roof drain

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What if your green roof cannot hold any more water?

-Green roofs enjoy great popularity for making cities greener, cooler and healthier. Not least, the water buffering in plants and soil reduces the peak load on the sewage system – unless the rain loads are so heavy that plants and soil cannot absorb any more water.

If the green roof does not have a water retention system, the excess rainwater will flow unrestrictedly into the public sewage system. However, the right roof drains can retain water in case of heavy rain, thus reducing the load on the sewage system within the roof drain regulations.

BLÜCHER® offers a full range of drainage solutions in stainless steel for green roofs.

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Looking for maximum performance?

- Choose a complete stainless steel roof drainage system, with minimum maintenance.

The stainless steel roof drainage system is capable of resisting impacts, corrosion and fire and it requires minimal maintenance.

The smooth inside surface of the stainless steel ensures:

• Excellent self-cleaning properties

• High flow capacity

• Prevents blockages.

This solution is ideal for roof areas less than 500 m² on traditional buildings such as flat-roof houses, garages, office buildings, etc.

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Siphonic Power Drain removes more water than you can imagine!

BLÜCHER® siphonic roof drainage is cost efficient and reliable


·  Only one downpipe to the ground

Less piping necessary

Less below-ground work

·  Fewer roof drains required

Fewer cut-outs in the roof required

·  Small pipe diameters

Light-weight, takes up less space as compared to traditional plastic or cast-iron systems

·   Pipes are 100% filled

Less noise in pipes

Less water on your roof = preventing potential damage

·  Horizontal pipes without fall
Ease of installation.

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